EuroPride 2019

We are more than our borders. We are more than the languages we speak and the color of our skin. We are more than our gender and who we want to love. We are your friends, your family, neighbors. We are survivors, brave and strong. Together we are one community.

Together we can be proud of who we are and hopeful about what our world can be.

In 2019 EuroPride takes place in Vienna. Join us. March with us. Together & Proud.

EuroPride 2019 Logo

Together & Proud

EuroPride is the big joint Pride event of the European LGBTIQ community. It takes place in a different European city every year and attracts visitors from every corner of the continent. Vienna was chosen to host the EuroPride 2019: The Homosexual Initiative (HOSI) Vienna was awarded the contract to host the annual EPOA (European Pride Organiser Association) conference in Montpellier in October 2016.

The aim of the EuroPride 2019 motto “together & proud” is to invite everyone to participate, get involved and realise their own visions at this major event.

Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, which started the modern LGBTIQ movement, and for the 40th birthday of the HOSI Vienna, we expect around one million visitors to join us in this multi-week event in June 2019, bringing colour and diversity to everyday life, taking to the streets and celebrating together.

When the EuroPride 2001 took place in Vienna for the first time, the Viennese Rainbow Parade (Gay Pride) had only been around for five years, i.e. since 1996. Since then, it has attracted more and more visitors each year, now more than 200,000. Vienna Pride has existed since 2007 – as an umbrella and framework for all events that are carried out around the parade. Since 2010, Pride Village lasting several days is usually organised at the Rathausplatz (town hall square).

For EuroPride 2019, the non-profit company Stonewall GmbH was founded. It’s purpose is to organise various larger events in addition to the Pride Parade and the Pride Village as well as to strengthen existing and build new partnerships within and beyond the LGBTIQ community.

EuroPride 2019 will take Pride to new heights and it will be the biggest and most international Pride that Vienna has ever seen!


The development and implementation of LGBTIQ events should primarily benefit the community in Vienna, but of course it should also reach a wider public beyond the city limits and present Vienna internationally as a model city in terms of diversity, acceptance and equality. Above all, the exchange with communities throughout Europe is important to us, which we want to cultivate and strengthen.

Stonewall GmbH is a non-profit company founded by HOSI Wien to organize Vienna Pride including Pride Village and Rainbow Parade – and of course the 2019 EuroPride – as well as various events throughout the year.

Our primary goal is to promote the visibility of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, intersexual and queer people. We want to achieve this by:

  • Giving LGBTIQ people and groups the opportunity to participate in the Pride events organised by Stonewall GmbH to make a mark of pride and send a much wider message of diversity and acceptance to the world;
  • Embedding the Rainbow Parade in a broad programme of cultural and social activities that will not only benefit the Viennese people but also attract visitors from all over the world;
  • Providing the community with resources and opportunities to develop artistically and politically;
  • Involving people and groups from outside the LGBTIQ community who share our ideas.

The Stonewall Team

Katharina Kacerovsky

Managing Director

Adam Lukas

Project Manager

Gabriel Winds

Assistant to the Project Manager

Gerhard Liedl


Lukas Käferle

Volunteers, Solidarity Wristbands

Markus Steup


Karl Kreipel

Project Manager Pride Parade

Peter Calließ

EuroPride Parade - Support

Simone Gratzl

Stage Management

Anna Szutt

Community Manager

Moritz Yvon

EuroPride Conference

Artist Management

Artist Management

Andrea M. Junker

Project Manager Pride Park

Julia Lorber

Press enquiries and accreditation

Giovanni Reichmann


Richard Marik


Julia Mayer

Assistant to the Managing Director

Annika Zweimüller

Press intern

Lisa Kirchner

Intern Events