This year at 5 p.m., a moment of commemoration will again take place: the procession will stop, and vehicles with sound systems will play the following announcement:

Rainbow Parade 2019 – Moment of commemoration

With today’s Rainbow Parade, we are celebrating the LGBTIQ community’s great holiday. Unfortunately, there are many who can no longer celebrate Pride with us. That is why this moment of commemoration is taking place. The entire procession will now be silent for one minute, a minute in which we stop to remember the many people we have lost to the immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS, and where we commemorate those lesbian, gay and transgender people who became victims of hate crimes, who lost their lives because they were different.
Everyone deserves the same respect: regardless of whether he or she suffers from AIDS or any other illness, whether he or she loves women or men, or what gender identity he or she has. Let’s set a strong, self-confident sign of solidarity with today’s parade and the subsequent celebration in the Pride Village at the Rathausplatz! Let us pay respect and recognition to one another. Let’s celebrate what and how we are with Pride!

Radio Orange Logo

Radio ORANGE 94.0 is broadcasting a SPECIAL about the Rainbow Parade where the moment of commemoration is also being transmitted live.

The audio file can be found in the download area.
(Speaker: Eleftherios-V. Chladt, in short Terry Chladt)