EuroPride Park


For EuroPride 2019 Vienna will have a second location in addition to the EuroPride Village for the first time: the EuroPride Park. On the EuroPride weekend we invite you to the Sigmund-Freud-Park to celebrate and relax.

In addition to EuroPride Village on Rathausplatz, there will also be the EuroPride Park in Sigmund-Freud-Park in front of the Votivkirche. A stage, restaurants, NGOs and a varied programme await you here as well!

Admission to all events at EuroPride Park is free!

Opening Hours

Friday, 14.6.19 16:00 – 23:00
Saturday, 15.6.19 12:00 – 23:00

EuroPride Village Plan

Food and Drinks

1 Michl‘s heiße Hütte
2 Cafe Monic & Öl
3 UsUs, Das Werk
4 I eat Vienna
5 Tasty Langos
6 MERKUR Vegetarisch/Vegan

NGOs and Info

A Checkit! (Suchthilfe Wien)
B Samstag-Shop

C Wienwoche Festival, Afro Rainbow Austria, Fremde werden Freunde
D Queer as Deaf, dis_ability mad pride
E Que[e]rbau Wien, fairplay
F visiBi*lity Austria, Gender*Galaxie
G Virtual Closet Project, Prague Pride
H Enough is enough, Zara, Klagsverband


Friday, 14 June

Moderation: Mag.a Ewa Dziedzic

Visuals: Neon Golden: Paola Demicheli, Giorgia Scaramuzza, Louis Ohlow & GenderCrash: Ela Sattler & Offerus Ablinger

16:00 Welcome

16:15 Towander Flagg-Lesung: Der Galgen fragt nicht, welcher Hals: Ein Revulva-Western (DE)

16:45 ACAB Activist Comedy Against Bullshit

18:00 Highdentity live

18:45 Joanisch (Puppenhouse)

19:15 SYN3A & Mandy Mozart live (Vienna Struggle/Shalom Salon)

20:30 DJ Angel (Hyperreality)

21:15 Therese Terror (Bliss, Hyperreality)

22:00 Joyce Muniz (Exploited, Gigolo Rec.)

Saturday, 15 June

Moderation: Tim Dworschak, Claudia Sandler, Mel Merio

Visuals: sound:frame/Luma.Launisch & Friends

12:00 Welcome

12:15 Barbi Marcović-Lesung: Ausgehen/ein Remix (DE)

12:30 Underground Wrestling by WUW

13:00 Wienwoche 2019 pres. „bitches & witches“

13:30 Infinite Palace (ex Crazy Bitch in a Cave) live

14:15 Tonica Hunter live

15:00 FEMME DMC pres. Dacid Go8lin, Soulcat E8 & DJ Yomomma

16:15 Spinelly (Duzz Down San)

17:00 Mayr Unrecords live

17:45 Pulsinger & Irl live (Big Beak)

18:30 Anna Leiser (Bebop Rodeo)

19:00 Live-Screening of Pride Celebration

19:30 GNUČČI live

21:00 Electric Indigo female:pressure/imbalance computer music

22:00 Gerald VDH (Meat Market, Meat Recordings)

Pocket Guide

  • Programme Highlights
  • EuroPride Village Programme and Map
  • EuroPride Park Programme and Map


Due to the high number of visitors this year, the authorities have stipulated that EuroPride Village (Rathausplatz) and EuroPride Park (Sigmund-Freud-Park) must be fenced in. This is for the safety of all of us!

For this reason, the following items may not be taken onto the site

  • Glass bottles of any size
  • Alcohol
  • Scooters
  • Bicycles
  • weapons of any kind
  • Spray cans

Also prohibited:

  • The carrying along of animals with the exception of guide dogs and assistance
    dogs is prohibited. Those must wear a harness.

If necessary, you may have to expect checks on persons and/or bags. This also serves the general safety.

The complete house and site rules are available for download below.

House and Site Rules

By entering Sigmund-Freud-Park, the visitor submits to the house and site rules described in the PDF available for download below.