EuroPride Vienna 2019: June 1st-16th, 2019
Rainbow Parade: June 15th, 2019
Vienna Pride 2018: June 2nd-17th, 2018
Rainbow Parade: June 16th, 2018

The Austrian capital Vienna has been selected to host EuroPride in 2019 – at EPOA’s Annual General Meeting in Montpellier in October 2016, EPOA members voted to accept the comprehensive bid of Austrian LGB organisation HOSI Vienna, Homosexuelle Initiative (HOSI) Wien.

The official EuroPride 2019 motto “Visions of Pride” is an invitation to all to put their own personal visions into reality. More than one million visitors are expected to attend the festival spreading over several weeks in June 2019.

The annual Rainbow Parade, Regenbogenparade, is taking place in Austria’s capital since 1996, and has been attracting more and more participants and visitors  ever since, meanwhile far beyond 100,000. In 2007, Vienna Pride was launched to act as an umbrella for all activities around the parade. Since 2010, the Pride Village has been organised, in most years at City Hall Square. Vienna had previously hosted EuroPride in 2001.

Broadcast from Regenbogenball 2017: Johannes Seip –

At the Vienna Rainbow Ball in 2017 the count down to EuroPride Vienna 2019 was officially kick-started by official EuroPride 2019 Ambassador Conchita.