YarnPride by queerMaschen & Allies
Sportsauna ViennaHolding Hands With – City Bar



Vienna Art Universities vs. Queer Students*

Group Description

W A L L : we are loud lesbians* we are loving lickers* we are lady* lovers* want a lesbian* lover* where are labia lickers*? smashing walls of sexual repression we announce libido liberation S T O N E : group of activist students* on their fieldtrip to vienna, visiting the europride R I O T S _ p i l o t s o f q u e e r : pilots of queer riots - science - history all animals are free to «love» aside the tree (some behind, some in front an some on top of the tree) so are we

Entry Theme

we announce libido liberation - students* on excursion - riots_pilots of queer

Entry Description

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