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Afro Rainbow Austria


Afro Rainbow Austria

Group Description

Afro Rainbow Austria is an organisation advocating for the rights and visibility of LGBTIQ+ Africans through workshops, panel discussions, peaceful demonstrations, public speeches, to name but a few. It was founded and is run by LGBTIQ+ Africans based in Austria. Aimed at reaching out to the wider European network, we engage in building allies in some European states and some countries in Africa. Generally, Afro Rainbow Austria provides a platform for communication and change and gives our community a space where we can safely and freely be African and LGBTIQ+ at the same time.


Entry Theme

No pride in deportation

Entry Description

Not specified


This group is looking for people who want to support and/or participate. Please contact the group for further details.

Boarding Passes

This group provides boarding passes which allow you to board the vehicle. Please contact the group for further details.