Educate & Celebrate

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Educate & Celebrate


Educate & Celebrate

Group Description

Experienced educators and academics transforming schools, colleges, universities and workplaces into queer friendly places Erfahrene Pädagogen und Akademiker, die Schulen, Hochschulen, Universitäten und Arbeitsplätze in queerfreundliche Orte verwandeln


Entry Theme

Building a future of inclusion and social justice - Aufbau einer Zukunft der Inklusion und sozialen Gerechtigkeit

Entry Description

1 person from Educate & Celebrate with a lollipop banner and postcards to hand out - will be marching with queer@hochschulen and Ausgesprochen


This group is looking for people who want to support and/or participate. Please contact the group for further details.

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