EuroPride 2020 Thessaloniki

Hermes Phettberg
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EuroPride 2020 Thessaloniki


EuroPride 2020 Thessaloniki

Group Description

The Greek city of Thessaloniki will host EuroPride in 2020 and with the slogan "Welcome to the future where everyone can join!", the organizers invite everyone to the biggest LGBTQI celebration in Europe. EuroPride 2020 will take place in beautiful Thessaloniki, Greece between June 20 and June 28 2020.


Entry Theme

Welcome to the future where everyone can join!

Entry Description

We will be wearing t-shirts and we'll be walking holding a banner and flags while handing out giveaways.


This group is looking for people who want to support and/or participate. Please contact the group for further details.