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Queer Base

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Queer Base – Welcome and Support for LGBTIQ Refugees is an organisation for people with and without experience of being a refugee. It was established in 2015 and works for refugees who have been forced to flee as a result of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The organisation is based in Vienna and acts as a hub for lesbian, gay, bisexual, inter*, trans*gender and queer refugees. The Queer Base team advises refugees who are seeking assistance with regard to asylum procedures, provides support in dealing with the authorities, organises therapy places, provides information and education on health issues, and also advises on coming out and self-empowerment. Queer Base has his office in the Türkis Rosa Lila Villa.

Website: https://friends.queerbase.at/

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Queer Base – Welcome and Support for LGBTIQ Refugees

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This group is looking for people who want to support and/or participate. Please contact the group for further details.
Email: cecile.balbous@queerbase.at