Vienna Roller Derby

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Vienna Roller Derby


Vienna Roller Derby

Group Description

Vienna Roller Derby (VRD) is Austria's first Roller Derby League. A small group of women founded the team in 2011, which was originally called "Vienna Rollergirls". Their vision was to make Roller Derby known in Austria and to get many like-minded people onto skates. Roller Derby is an action-packed full-contact sport on roller skates. During a game, two teams skate counter-clockwise around an oval track, trying to overtake each other to score points. This sport is practiced all over the world, mostly by women. Roller Derby requires agility, strength, speed, teamwork, self-discipline and, of course, a dose of courage. All skaters who understand themselves as women or do not want to classify themselves using the conventional binary gender model are welcome to join. There are no requirements regarding body measurements or fitness for beginners. Everyone is welcome, no matter how thin, fat, short or tall they are.


Entry Theme

Vienna, Vienna – Gemma Gemma Gemma!

Entry Description

Wir werden bunt und eingeglitzert auf Rollschuhen mitfahren!